About Us


Church for us isn’t a building or a Sunday service – it’s a family on a mission

Our Purpose

Five Valleys Christian Fellowship are a growing church family of all ages and backgrounds across the Five Valleys and Stroud area who have a hope in something bigger. FVCF think the love of God in Jesus is the answer to the world’s problems.

We were all created to love and worship God and Jesus said it was the most important thing. We exist to love, adore, admire, revere, cherish magnify and glorify God! As a church, we believe love has to be practical and have amazing stories of our community reaching out to those in need. We want to be generous people who live lives that are available to help others.

Learning and maturing together is a key part of the Christian life. If you’re not becoming more like Jesus, then what’s the point? We simply want to share what Jesus is doing in our lives, with the people in our lives that don’t know Him yet. Whatever stage they are at we want there to be some way they can find out more.


Summer Camps and Weekends Away

As a church we highly value spending time away with one another, not only to worship and study together but also to have as much fun as possible. During the year we regularly have a weekend away and in the Summer we join with other churches from across the nation at various Christian camps. 

Church Accreditation and Accountability

Our church is a member of ‘Churches in Communities’ (www.cicinternational.org)

Churches in Communities was created in 1997 and is a member-led network created by the independent church sector for the independent church sector. CiC celebrates diversity and respects independence, serving members as they pursue their vision and reach their goals. CiC now accredits a vast array of ministries from across the independent church sector and works to facilitate and encourage all those in independent ministry. Our Senior pastor Steve serves as a trustee on the Board of CiC.