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some kind words

Here are some lovely written testimonials from members of our fellowship

Myself and my wife, Heather, have been Christians for 34 years, so as you would expect, have attended many different churches. We can honestly say that this is one the friendliest, most caring and loving churches that we have belonged to. For us, a sense of belonging is a MUST. What provides us with this sense of belonging is the incredible pastoral support that we have been shown. In addition to that, we have been greatly encouraged and empowered into a deeper and more personal relationship with our Triune God. We arrived at Five Valleys in the summer of 2016, in a state of brokenness. The Five Valleys fellowship has been hugely instrumental in our restoration and we would go even further to say that it is more than a family, it is a hospital, where supernatural healing is allowed to take place.
Brendan FV Fellowship
Brendan and Heather Conboy
My family and I joined the Five Valleys Christian Fellowship just before the Covid-19 lockdown and have felt greatly encouraged by the weekly Sunday meetings and worship evenings on Zoom. Along with prayer support and messages from various people, the church has helped us grow in faith and we feel that we have been so warmly welcomed into the family.
Alanna Hammond
Jenna and I have been going to Five Valleys for about a decade. We love our church and feel so blessed to be part of it! When we first started going we didn't have kids. Doctors said it was impossible. Church prayed and now Sophia and Chloe have been born! God has been in so much of what we have done at Five Valleys. From running Alpha courses, to reaching out to communities in the local area, to launching massive rock concerts for school kids, praying for healing on the streets and more.

We've seen so much fruit. God is good! We love how the spiritual expectations for our kids at Five Valleys are just as high as for the adults. As parents, we see our kids growing in their faith thanks to everyone at church pitching in. We love the freedom at Five Valleys and the overall stewardship Steve and Katrina provide without dictating what we all have to do. They give us the space to live out the Kingdom in the unique way only we can!! Five Valleys is special.
Nick FV Fellowship
Nick and Jenna Burne